July 6, 2011 misstakenidentity33

Caylee Marie Anthony

Gone much too soon

By Missy Smith

Little Princess

Gone before you could be called Queen

Eyes wide so full of innocence

Innocence that has been snatched by a monster

A monster who you never knew would erase your existence

You were a bubbly, energetic bright eyed brown haired little girl

And now you are gone much too soon

Taken away before anyone could ever know your true spirit

Your tenacity, the woman you will never grow to be

Gone much too soon

A life, yours graced those around you for however brief still brought them happiness and joy

For you are (by those who matters) forever loved

Remembered moments dancing freely across their conflicted minds

As thoughts of you no longer here brings genuine tears

There was a better choice

Yet your existence snatcher chose not to take it

Selfishly causing the release of your fragile spirit

Gone much too soon

A light that only momentarily flickered

A cool breeze briefly blowing

A smile now only remembered in memory

Of Caylee Marie Anthony

For you I never got the chance to meet

But have gotten the opportunity to know

To see the love from those who shall miss you so

Yes Caylee the world has been introduced to you

Even though you are gone now much much much too soon


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