Now I know!

June 30, 2011 misstakenidentity33

So I decided to write this little piece today because I had to release some inner emotions and upon doing so these words sprang forth. Enjoy.

Now I know
by Missy Smith

It wasn’t quite clear in the beginning how I got here
For I was that happy go lucky chick
Never did think my sh@t would ever stink
But it did
See u were that sh@t I let stink up my spirit
Dirtying my soul
Bit@h a@ss ni@@a
Yes, I said it
Had me strung out on a fantasy
That daily bulls@t you constantly fed me
Together forever
And damn did I greedily consume it
Never been one who stepped outside my womanly zone
See I knew where and how to take care of “MY HOME”
Yet you stepped outside the covenant of our commitment
Everything walking you went stalking
Still with the belief I would continuously forgive
See love had me once fooled
Twice schooled
Third time was the eye opener
days 7 years straight
Love had me sprung
365 days 5 years later
Love had me sending you and your asinine games packing back to your momma’s house!



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