My Fault

April 30, 2011 misstakenidentity33

It was my fault for placing you on that pedestal

Giving you that crown

Presenting you as royalty

Trying to turn you into that Prince Charming

While steady upgrading your status to king

For you were neither

Just a silly notion as you dove deeper and deeper into my ocean

Of uncertainties and pure insanity

See it was my fault

Giving you power

The power that eventually devoured my soul

Feasting greedily upon it with stealth precision

Simply a little girls’ delusion of finding her Prince

Amongst the confusion

Caught up in the fairytale

Caused my living hell

It was my fault

I let you in

Should have listened to those warning bells

And looked the other way

Not answered my door

Pretended I didn’t hear your voice or seen your face

Never should I have stared into those hypnotic caramel eyes

Yes it was all my fault for trying to make a Prince out of a “FROG!


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