Lost and Found

April 27, 2011 misstakenidentity33

Lost and Found By Missy Smith

reserved, I lost me

my soul went on hiatus

dreams fell by the waist-side

breaking down I simply cried not knowing which road to travel

the darkest of hours, I simply coward retreating into the depths of uncertainty

didn’t know I could do it

survive this mental abuse he purposely inflicted

I wasn’t born to be this weakling

laying down letting the cruelties of life overtake me

and so I stood tall forcing myself through that wall

no more will his darkness be my downfall and I say with pride that I survived

no longer a passenger, I’m now in the driver’s seat

not quite fully healed, but more than halfway there

withdrawal symptoms of not mattering disappeared

you did not break me just bent me slightly out of shape

for 7 long blinding and brutal years I was addicted to every last drop of your bullsh*t

but I made amends to me promising to never succumb to you again

walking past your smile

moving away from your touches

losing contact with your lies

I now reconnected with beauty harmony, peace, all the things I used to be before you

and now my skies are bluer

my sun shines brighter

my nightmares are now once again my dreams

and the scars you issued no longer requires bandaging

because I am free to fly beyond the self-imposed limitations you once forced upon me.


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