The Storm

April 26, 2011 misstakenidentity33


The Storm

By Missy Smith

All rights reserved

When the storm hit, you up and disappeared

Leaving me alone getting soaked to the bone

So there I stood in the pouring rain

Wracking my brain still hoping you would, but you never came

Remembering calling your name at least a thousand times

Might have been a million but I soon lost count

Falling on weary knees as the rains begin to bleed my sorrows and misery

Foolishly thinking you were my knight in shining armor

The one to hold me through life’s thunder

Storm keeping me warm, protecting me from worldly harms

Promising me forever but all I got was today

Painfully standing on the sidelines watching as you walked away

So here I stand as day’s turns into nights growing fiercely cold

Wondering what it was I did that made you go?


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