Serving Notice

April 20, 2011 misstakenidentity33

Serving Notice

By Missy Smith

All rights reserved

With pleasure I am here

Walking bravely amongst those who tried holding me down

At every turn you tried blocking my path

Throwing up roadblocks

Undeterred, I simply found another road to travel upon

But make no mistake the road may have changed

But the terrain (my creativeness) remains the same

Deeply rooted truths now to the forefront

My granny used to say nobody’s business but your owns

Safely guarded secrets because of that statement

Purposely oppressing myself

See the wages of my sins ran high

But then I thought whose doesn’t

So I stopped hiding deciding instead to be front and center

Making apologies to no one

‘Cept the one who truly matters, G-O-D

The seer of all things

Reader of all hearts

Knowing mine beats above the normal pace

Excitable as I run this race

No more blocked paths

No more stopping this rain

My storms brewing so take cover if you’re not ready to get caught up in it

Soaking wet from the flows of this reflectionists poetic express


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