In the absence of morals

April 18, 2011 misstakenidentity33

In the absence of morals there’s too much freedom
running around with no sense of pride
giving up precious pearls just to fit in
no sense of respect
no honor amongst yourself
the allowance of strangers becoming your constant invaders
plainly put your core’s becoming non special
so comes the wonders of why can’t I find that special one?
because you’ve  let too many so-called special ones already degrade your gift
but it’s ok you say, you’re just having fun
until that trip to the doctor tells you different
now’s the dilemma what do you do?
as flash back thoughts of times past brings wishes of if only you could go back
when your conscience screamed slow down
and so the tears flow
the prayers become steady
now you wish for God to intervene
why must one wait for tribulations before asking for his mercy?
he is always there not just through life’s storms
In the absence of morals our mental and physical temples become defiled
at the hands of our own doings
why why why
forgetting the basic of rules
one must crawl before walking
walk before running
looking before crossing
instead choosing to plunge full steam ahead
it is those absent morals that has your soul now dead
walking damaged amongst confusion
searching for answers in all the wrong places
tainted love, abandoned dreams
flowerless fields of despair
where does it stop?
when does it end?
it ends when you allow your moral-less being to stop being absent!


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