Is this Luv?

April 15, 2011 misstakenidentity33

Is this Luv?
By Missy Smith
All rights reserved

I wonder, what is love?
Is it the fact that I put him to sleep?
After mad love making sessions on twisted lilac sheets
Sweat dripping down to his feet
Curled up, thumb in mouth knowing our moments of before are now his sweet dreams
Is this love cuz I at every turn have him coming back for more
Or maybe its love cuz I had him speak n tongues
Languages from the mother land, that other land well I be damn
Is this love cuz my body instinctively satisfies his
Or the fact that I’m now in his curly topped head
Rock’n his boat steering ships off chartered waters
Quenching his thirst thinking should I give him more?
Cigarette in hand, wondering why I ain’t sleep yet
Where’s my sweat
Dry as a bone
Staring at his labored breathing
Wondering how’s this love when I now have the urge to yell TAKE YOUR ASS HOME!!!!!!!


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