“I am who I am”

April 11, 2011 misstakenidentity33

I am who I am due to circumstances beyond my control. I could sit here and say I hate the world, I hate my abusers, I hate where I am now. But I won’t. I hate none of it. I am who I am because I survived. I took all the negative things that has happened and rolled them up into a ball throwing it far into the universe as I possible could. See I am a strong, intelligent black woman and I refuse to allow pains of past to invade my future. So I have decided to acknowledge, embrace and overcome. No longer am I suffering in silence. No longer am I ashamed to speak up and out. No longer am I refusing to see the beauty for which is me.  I accept the horrors of yesterday which led me to being a victim. But today I rejoice in the strength of surviving which has now taken me from being that victim straight into being now VICTORIOUS and through it all this is why “I am who I am”


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