Truthfully Speaking

April 7, 2011 misstakenidentity33

Excerpt from Blueberry State of Mind, a collection of reflective truths by Missy Smith available on, and

Truthfully Speaking,

I have added my voice amongst the greats

Speaking with clarity so as not be misunderstood

For I am a “Woman” undeniably

Seeking my “King” to ride side by side with me

To nurture seeds planted in my bountiful garden

Showing the world we are intellectually on a much higher level

Put out your mind consuming thoughts of being enslaved

For those days are no more

Stop holding onto the past

The future is where we now reside

Strong, Proud, Self-Assured

For we are a people of strength

Fledging ahead but never forgetting

Where it was we truly came from

Take pride in your ancestors fight

Know that it was not all in vain

Become unshackled by materialistic ways

Keep your dignity in tact

Know that our roads are now clearer

Be that voice all the greats before fought hard for you to become

Speak with conviction

Letting it be known we are true “Queens and Kings”

Allow your soul to pay homage to those lives lost for our freedom

Men, answer the call of ‘Manhood’

Women, stop hanging up on the calls to ‘Womanhood’

Stop demoralizing yourself with worldly temptations

Take care of the fruits of your many labors

Teach them respect and honor

Help them to grow into courageous warriors of life

Be their valiant role model walking in glory

The time has come to start loving yourself unconditionally

Make no mistake as God surely does not

No one can hold a candle to you

For you are the image God envisioned

The best of the best

Hope this generation now needs

Continue flying high on God’s wings of love

Stopping only when your journey has been fulfilled.

















































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