On my way back

March 28, 2011 misstakenidentity33

On my way back

On my way back from this mental break down 

I frown losing my crown of strength and glory

Story after story how I let you destroy me

Finding my courage amongst the least imaginable place, myself

On my way back from this self imprisonment

I wasn’t meant to be in for so long

Punishing myself as these internal blows I self dealt

More powerful than you ever could

On my way back from the depths of hell

The place you thrust me in

Laughing, smiling because you thought you’d win this race

The look upon your face as you see me now at this steady pace of amazing grace

On my way back from the haunting of you

Evil black air as I greedily consumed your toxic fumes

Remembering warm ginger snap cookies with a tall glass of cold chocolate milk, my granny’s treat for calming me

That’s when I knew I was on my way back

For I began to remember what it was like before you

And I smiled and laughed until my side started to hurt

As memories of happy began flooding in recalling the woman of kind and gentle I used to be,

On my way back…


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