Y Me

March 23, 2011 misstakenidentity33

Night spent sitting on the side of my bed thinking
as the past keeps sneaking up on me
This sh*t here’s crazy
Thought I left you long time ago
guess my heart won’t let go
Cold as I remember
Callous hands and yet tender fingers
Smiling promising you’d be gentle
I loved you so much then
seems it’s translating to even now
Damn, why can’t I get you out my head
Y can’t I erase ur scent from my delicate skin
Even after all your bullsh*t seems still I want you back
craziness has a way of doing that
Making you feel some sort of way
The sun rising and still sleep evades me
Another sleepless night
as I prepare to start my day
Good thing I sit in an office behind closed doors
only interaction is with myself and sometimes the telephone
Perfect position for someone in my position
Damn, Hello Morning


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