The type of car (man) I desire

March 22, 2011 misstakenidentity33

The type of car (man) I desire

By Missy Smith

The type of car (man) I desire, many will say a Ferrari because of its ability to go above and beyond speed limits. One might even consider an SUV because of its strong outside appearance. Me, none of the above counts as the car of my dreams. A Ferrari though attractive is deceptively unreliable and an SUV is nothing more than a guzzler. Now you see men and cars are similar beings. You have to know the right one to allow yourself to become affiliated with. You have your Jalopy’s (the car that is just plain old broke down).

Definition: an old, decrepit, unreliable and often nonfunctional car which has limited mechanical abilities and is often rusty or dented or in an un-maintained shape.  Much like a lot of men out here who just refuse to take pride in themselves.

Then you have the lemons which are a step up from a jalopy.

Those are the ones who pretend to be sturdy but in the end they too break down after getting all it can. Again just like a lot of men who put on their game face pretending to be that dream but in reality turn out to be a nightmare.

Definition: that is found to have numerous or severe defects not readily apparent before its purchase.

Then you have the winners. The crème De la crème. Definition: crème de la crème the very best

The car (man) I plan on doing more than just test driving.

It is the one I intend on keeping for life. See a car if kept up and shown love (like men) will last a lifetime. You have to show it the attention it requires. Taking it out trusting it will not break down on long trips. But you also have to keep it stored properly in order for it to breathe. Know that these things will definitely keep your car (man) from deteriorating as well as falling apart causing you to in fact having to replace it. If you love that car (man) wholeheartedly then one must take the necessary precautions to keep that car (man) in running and pristine condition. Never and I do say never let anyone drive your car (man). I do not care who it is.

If you have something someone wants then they will surely go after it. A good safe dependable and strong car (man) oh yes one will go to great lengths to take what you have worked so hard to acquire. Also one must be careful who they allow to be passengers as well. Jealousy is a crazy thing and if you allow the wrong passengers in your car( around your man) you may find that car (man) you love and kept up so much in fact stolen by another who you let be that passenger. Remember there are many types of cars (men) and the right one will present itself to you. Once it does please put in the effort it takes to keep that car (man) running smoothly.

Keeping the car (man) in a drama free and loving environment. Making sure it’s safely kept away from harsh elements (jealous friends) and make sure you keep yourself in the know on how to keep that car (man) engine running smoothly and regularly. Remember take that car (man) for a ride each and everyday. In doing so I will guarantee your car (man) will be with you for life.


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