Dear Abusers

March 21, 2011 misstakenidentity33

It’s inconceivable you did this to me

Even more that I allowed you too

All bets are off

No more Mrs. Nice Girl

Keeping quite long enough

How dare you misuse your authority

Taking me in and out of horrific realities

If only this sh*t here was a dream

But it isn’t

It for life is my reality

You say I love you

Forcing on me those perverted mistruths

If I had a gun I surely would have pulled the trigger

Suffering the consequences of another dead N*gga

See what you doing to me triggered

I am angry, bitter, confused, and dead

A zombie walking amongst the living

Simply because you couldn’t resist me

Am I to take it as a compliment?

I guess I would if I wasn’t SIX

Mind just starting to process

Heart enduring your constant bullsh*t

Still to this day, I’m battling

Knowing I must forgive, but believe me, I shall never forget

My life taking a turn finally for the better

Now I am telling all in my scarlet letter

Dear Joe, Tyrone my dear uncles, my ratchet abusers


I overcame, I survived and finally I am free


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