When People Stop Caring

March 24, 2010 misstakenidentity33

3 things I will never be: Judge Jury Executioner

So much is being said today that it makes you stop and wonder when did people stop caring about other people? God placed us here on this place called earth to cohabit with each other and show kindness and love to one another.But along the way GOD’S plan went unnoticed.We have gone along with our selfish ways and downed one another until it became force of habit.Why do some of us feel entitled?Why do some of us feel we are better than others?Because you make more money or you dress better or your more educated does not make you better than someone else.It does not make them beneath you.We are all equal.So what you have been able to take advantage of opportunities others may not have been afforded.That does not give you the right to feel u can hold ur head higher than the next man.How about offering that next man some insight on how your opportunities came about so that they may be able to capitalize as well.Mankind has this thing about helping the next man or woman to achieve and reach goals they may have as well.We all have ambitions and dreams and wish to reach them but sometimes its hard to attain those goal through the many things that tends to fall our way.Simply put sometimes life just gets in the way.Does that give us the right to judge others or look down our noses at those who aren’t as successful or whose wealth is all but nonexistent.No!We are to help the next person out anyway that we can because it could have been or still can be you who has fallen on hard times.I often hear people say oh well I went to college and I make 6 figures and if I can do it then the next man can do it.Give me a damn break.Everyone is not afforded the same opportunities as others.Congratulations if you are one of the lucky ones to have been blessed to live your dream.Don’t knock the next man because he has yet to do so.It’s so easy for one to down and degrade another,to look your noses down on them than it is to simply offer a helping hand.So engrossed with your own self until you cannot see your way into helping others.But then you will often say God is good.Yes he is very good but how can you praise God when his whole nature is to help others and your not one to do so.You have become so caught up in the rewards and accolades until it turns you into someone God never intended on you becoming.Remember God loves us all and he is the reader of all hearts and he is judge and jury.So next time you think of looking down your noses at those less fortunate than yourself, how about offering that person a helping hand while keeping your nose in an upright position.


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