12:44 am Monday

March 15, 2010 misstakenidentity33

Dreams of you causing sleep to evade me once more.I thought I had banished you back into that dark hole you were born from.I loved you with a power so explosive yet so pure.You so immature not able to understand the workings of a real woman decided to forsake my love for another’s who could never measure.Damn why do I keep doing this to myself.Its over.Almost 6 years and I have yet to let another touch me in that place you designated yours.Silly of me to let you keep your hold on my soul.Remembering when we first dedicated our bodies to each other.Beautiful you were as you layed upon me entering me softly causing me to sing your name out.Didn’t know my voice could go that highhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh but it did and you spoiled me in ways another can or will ever do.Why did u have to leave.Why did she have to be before me.Why wasn’t our love strong enough to last til time indefinite like you said.Why did u have to break my heart.12:53am Monday and my hearts like an inferno.Burning out of control.How do I put it out.So weak I became.So weak you became.Tears I promised not to shed are now a steady downpour.My body remembering you and yep here comes the pain again.The pain of a love lost.The pain of you and me never again to be.Damn!!!!!!!!


Entry Filed under: Reflectively Speaking

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