Why Men Really Cheat?

February 11, 2010 misstakenidentity33

Men cheat because they can,not because it’s in their nature as some will say but because it’s something that they can do and will do. Do all men cheat? No! But most do. Men will lay there hat(my own metaphor) down wherever they can but it’s up to us women to have a playa hat free zone.I get so sick and so tired of the saying oh its natural for a man to cheat, it’s in his blood,his papa was a rolling stone so the son,sons will be also. No that’s an excuse to do what they wish to do.Cheating is not a part of nature. No cheating is from ones own mentality.You have to stop and examine your own worth men and your own mental state before committing to one on that intimate level which involves being faithful. Men there is nothing saying that you will or are supposed to become dogs but some of you do and are fine with that title. Women you are to blame as well because if you know your dog strays then why keep accepting it and allowing him to bring his fleas home to you. Women have become complacent when knowing their man has cheated and continues to believe the lies being told every time they are caught in that lie.I’m sorry baby I will never do it again,or I don’t know what came over me. I know what came over you. You started thinking with your other head instead of the one on your shoulders. Isn’t it time Men that you hold yourself accountable for your own actions and stop blaming the world,your significant other or whomever you wish to blame.The fault lies with you and you only. Do the words honor,respect,faithful,ethical,morals,standards mean anything to you men? I don’t think that it does. Our society has learned to just accept cheating as something normal. It is not normal. Yes there will be temptations heck life is full of temptations but does that mean one has to partake in that temptation. If I am not what a man desires or needs and if for some reason my mate has fallen out of love,lust with me then by all means let’s talk about the problem and not elevate it to another level where you(man) feel it’s perfectly fine to go out and cheat and then come back home to me.If you feel the need to cheat then you should also feel the need to not return home to me. What is the purpose of cheating and then returning home to the very one you felt the need to cheat on. It again goes back to the mentality issue. Men the ones who feels it’s ok to cheat has not properly grown up. Oh you’re quick to say I am a man but are you really? A real man is one who knows his place,who knows that nothing is perfect and who takes care of his home mentally and physically. That’s a real man. Not those who are in the club searching for that baddest chick. Men what constitutes a bad chick. To me it’s one who knows home is where her heart is and will remain.She knows that her man is a king and she is his queen there to ride with him til death do them part. Now that’s a bad chick when she has her mans back through any situation. Men remember it’s not morally correct to cheat,It’s not in your nature or dna profiles or cool to cheat. Being a man is more than just having a penis between your legs.It encompasses so much more.I am a single mother of a teenage son and though I cannot teach him all aspects of manhood, I can give him the basic tools and the insight on how to treat a woman, the correct ways in dealing with relationship issues. Just because I am not a man doesn’t mean I cannot teach him how to act like one. Cheating is cheating whether it’s mentally or physically no getting around that period. Men just remember this rule of thought,if you find that one that sets your soul on fire and you feel you cannot be without her then leave those thoughts of cheating just that. Only thoughts.


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