January 18, 2010 misstakenidentity33

The Obvious Man

Men are so obvious
They seek out women who doesn’t have the sharpest of mines,That’s not what they are after to begin with.
No, they are seeking out the women who has the nicest bodies.
Never mind the intellect.We women with something to offer other than sex gets passed over more often than not.Yes a nice body is something good to have but its not the only thing.Dont approach me because I have an attribute that physically gets your blood boiling.Don’t look at me as just a peice of meat your ready to devour in the bedroom.No I am much more than that.I have a brain,I have strength in places you will never know because you chose to look at the obvious and not get the chance to delve into the real me.Now when you get that woman and her beauty fades then so does your intrest in her.You in turn run out and seek that next one who you label the baddest chick.Men grow up please.You are letting your sexual predatory state influence you.It has become your guide.Oh she is a redbone,Oh she is phat to death,oh she has big boobs and a phat a$$.Is that all you can say about a woman.And women you allow this behavior to continue.You have to take a stand and say yes I may have a nice body but there is more to me than meets the eye.Stop parading around in the tightest of pants and shortest of skirts with see through shirts and the highest heels you can find just so you can catch a man who’se real intrest in you is to bed you not wed you.Yes we as women need to realize that we have to take control if we are to find that special one who is not just into you because of your outer appearance.Stop allowing yourself to be that one,Stop causing yourself to fall into that trap.Remember what being a lady really means.Men stop trying to find that baddest chick who your friends will say damn she is banging.Find that one who will stimulate you emotionally as well.Its not all about sex and big booties.Its about finding someone who will do you proud and who you will do proud.What happened to the days when men respected women and showed chivalry.Now it seems chivalry has all but got thrown out the window.If a woman doesn’t have a killer body then she doesnt stand a chance in finding a man.I have heard men use the term she has a butta face.Everything looks good but her face and yet they still seek out that woman because as long as her body is banging then it doesnt matter.Women and Men are feeding into this sterotype and it’s so sad.I want a man like those back in the day who courted their woman,who brought her flowers,who wanted to get to know her and not just what was in her pants.I want that man who will laugh with me and tell funny jokes and be there when my day hasn’t been the greatest.I want that man who is not looking at me because of my body,I want that man who is looking at me for the whole package.I often wondered why women tolerate this type of behavior.Why do they degrade themselves and sacrifice themselves because a man looks your way because of your body.Women you are worth so much more and its time you realized that.It’s time to let your mind do the talking.Its time to let your beauty from within shine.Stop thinking its cute when a man approaches and compliments you on your body because once that happens then you know why he really is there in the first place.Men you also must remember that the baddest chick you are seeking someone else has sought her too and thus begins the cycle of a chain reaction.Reflect on that statement and draw your own conclusions.

Pt 2
what happens when your choices turned out not to be the right one after all.


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